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Get to know us and how we think. Here are some conversation starters.

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Cleversafe :: A Home Run Story

Cleversafe’s exit, selling to IBM for $1.3 billion, took place in 2015, just as VCapital was starting up. A big idea intersected with practical need and market demand. Many new millionaires were minted as a result.

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Conservative Value Investor Takes a Risk

Laws of Attraction: Can conservative value investors love venture capital too? In a word, absolutely.

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Venture Capital in a Time of Historic Change

The pandemic’s end remains unknown. Sharing our thoughts on COVID implications for the economy, and especially for venture capital investment, seems in order.

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The LoPresti Family: Founders, Investors, and Philanthropists

VCapital is humbled to think of our decade-long relationship with the LoPresti family, as both investors and as friends.

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EDJX Profile: Bold Horses Demand World-Class Jockeys

At VCapital, we believe that the jockey can be even more important than the horse. Introducing a key jockey at EDJX, VCapital’s latest portfolio company: James Thomason, the venture’s Chief Technology Officer.

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Diversify Differently: What the Heck Does THAT Mean??

Investors most certainly turn to venture capital for investment home runs. We urge our VCapital investors to diversify their entire portfolio both with — and within — the venture capital asset class.

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Raydiant Oximetry leaders know how to make it happen.

In the venture capital world, the jockey is often more important than the horse. We look for leader-managers who have proven they can make things happen.

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Re-Sorting and Recovery: The Post-COVID U.S. Economy

We believe opportunities to build wealth through venture capital will continue largely unabated because venture capital is all about innovation.

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Live CEO Interview: New Developments at SentiAR

Summary of SentiAR’s progress and why it might matter to you. Watch our live interview with CEO Berk Tas.

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Aligning with the Anticipated "New Normal"

Managing through the COVID era, our work at VCapital continues.

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The VCapital Difference: How to Invest


Invest in any open opportunity, acquire a share of that venture, and participate in the ultimate return upon exit. Institutional-quality investing at individual-size minimums.


Invest in VCapital Management Company and acquire your share of all companies in the portfolio. Participate in our 20% carried interest in return from any venture exit.


Allocate some to all companies via VCapital and some to one or several open opportunities.

Read “Diversify Differently” to learn more about your opportunity to customize your investments

Invest in our active ventures, participate in all through VCapital, or a mix of both.

Open for direct investment.
Open for participation through VCapital.